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Well now, its been a while eh? not too much has happened lately.. NOT! I moved into an Apartment! mommy wow, im all grow’d up now! My car broke down which sucks, but ive been useing my dads truck so its all gravy.. thats right, all gravy! oh! i got a new Girl friend! and shes uber-sexy too, wanna see?


Sexy right? i know, lol.

My FF life has been rather dissapointing lately. I dont play too much anymore, mostly cause of work and i get home late and theres nothing to do.. but my WED/SUN are still fun with mischa and the gang playin some Nyzul. I have 4/5 on Askar and Goliard.. i even have Denali body(with no job to use) im such a gear whore.. we might be startin salvage soon! i ❤ salvage, much fun, specially cause you start naked, lol! Hmm.. ill try to update this more often, peace bitches


So… my step brother recently moved in with us.. /excited(/sarcasim..) lol. Today he had some friends over and in my room, which is also his room now. omg they are really annoying, have no self restraint and prolly do drugs, i dont need this shit in my space. wtf right. One kid keeps askin for food like he never gets fed, lol, broke ass bitches. Well w/e, Peace~~


So i Started a LS recently! And today I have a website, yay., check it out! not much because i gtg to work soon but i’ll work on it when i get home. Ls is recruting, so if u know any1 in the marked for a EGls let me know!!


Hello again… So i woke up today and looked outside to find my car had been vandalized! Whoop de freacking doo.. Doors were wraped in celefain(sp) or w/e a few times, there were chololate chips and peaches all over it, and a few other sauce type things. My headlight had been removed too.. And to top it off.. Brown Sugar poured in my gas tank.. yay me!! Needless to say this blows chunks.. hopefully not too much entered my tank and there isnt too much lasting damage.. i cant afford a new car :/


woohoo! did some Salvage action earlier. Decided to try and wait for our BRD to log on, a few ppl wernt thrilled since it was really late, one left;;(wasnt feeling good). After he logged in we proceeded to Bhaflau Remnents to face a most formidible foe.. the Long-Bowed Chariot! We proceeded up the floors smashing all they stood in our path. We arrived at floor 5, i preceeded to give a few last minute tips on how to fight this, and we went at it. The fight went EXTREMELY smooth.. until about 66% it got a break and launched a Homing missle at their faces.. *BAM* hate reset.. than proceeded to one-shot all the mages.. needless to say we lost, but we did damn good for our first run, i was really proud of them.*looks back* damn.. u still reading this? o.O i woulda stoped a while ago, lol. PEACE!!!


Wow.. *looks around*.. awesome. This is my Blogspaces! My life on Final Fantasy 11, Diabolos Server. My favorite Villian from the Final Fantasy series, and my characters name * drums and trumpets!* Sephiroth(clone) <– thats my name on FF.